TVW Learning Community

Our global community of facilitators and designers work on wicked problems for the common good.

About Us

The Value Web is an international member association of artists, designers, facilitators, educators, researchers, technologists, writers, social activists, and entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to use design and facilitation to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time.

Our mission is to expand the field of collaborative design for the common good.

As a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland, we support our members in their efforts to learn and master ways to collaborate and co-create solutions to complex issues facing the planet and humanity.

Why Join?

Your passion and expertise include design thinking, visual communication, network science, interactive technology, group facilitation, and collaborative decision-making tools and techniques.

The membership of The Value Web is limited, however, our Online Learning Community is open to diverse practitioners to:

  •  come together in a safe place
  • learn and share those things that are valuable to our individual and group practices.
  • expand the field of collaborative design

Who Should Join?

Practitioners who want to engage with and learn from individuals and teams through live conversation, sharing stories and real-world case studies of collaboration at the intersection of government, business, environment, and technology.

Our “network of networks” may have originated with practitioners of the MG Taylor Method, but now include practitioners of design thinking, rapid ideation, product/service design, and systems thinking.

The ideal member of The Value Web Learning Community has:

  • 3+ years of experience working in a collaborative design environment or network
  • works and studies across disciplines including facilitation, graphic recording, solution design, collaborative process design, and social impact
  • works at the intersection of the private, public, government, and social sectors
  • willing to think and work beyond individual, local, or national issues
  • comfortable working in networked teams with virtual connections
  • willing to adhere to ethical guidelines of practice and respectful communication


If you would like to reach us send a message via:

If you would like to reach one of our Active Members directly, you may do so on the Who We Are page.